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I've noticed a lot of unwanted requests to join Wratz Collectibles. Seems like the hackers have nothing better to do then try to hack companies trying to make an honest living. Surprisingly enough it seems like these dimwitted people are predominantly coming from Russia. Please if you see anything out of the ordinary let us know.

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New pokemon products just came in. Open until 5 today and 9-5 on Sunday. On line ordering available shipping and taxes apply.

Arriving today 2020-21 Upper deck Extended. 200 card base set which continues where series 2 left off. With an additional 30 young guns. Rookies who played before the mid February cutoff were added.

We are currently taking pre orders on 2020-21 Upper Deck Update(series 3) in store orders only. Prices on request. Live July 8 2021. In stock 2020-21 Spx and Trilogy. New items coming in daily.

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